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My name is Thye and I'm passionate about bridging my design thinking and visual design talent into collaboration with business owners, other designers, web developers and marketers.

More about me

I'm not from Thailand.
My full name is Tan Thye Chuan, but just call me Thye.
I'm a digital designer and
I enjoy collaborating with people.
I'm quite particular with details and I care a lot about interactions.
I really really like to wear hats.
I enjoy good food, rock music and cycling.

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My design principles

Observing before doing

It is important to begin a design project with the support of user research and observational studies. Putting yourself in a position of a user may be able to drive a product’s passion, but your end users are who you should really care about.

Interfaces should talk

Interfaces are meant to help a user, not complicate processess. A strategic design process which involves user flows, wireframing and prototyping is crucial to explore how an interface an interact with a user in its most effective form.

Design is about feelings

Design should connect to users from an affective, meaningful and human level. Aside from discovering the right visuals for a web product, empathetic considerations should be made for the tone and voice of the product as well.

Prove and improve

It is important that we develop a web product without assumptions and iterate it through a cycle of validated learning. User testing and analytics identifies usability problems and acts a guide for better design decisions.

I look forward to working with you.
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